Footage claims to show new sighting of Bigfoot – so what do the experts think?

New footage claims to show a sighting of Bigfoot and experts are scratching their heads.

In a video posted on YouTube by Nv Tv, a creature who some are claming is ‘Bigfoot’ – a mythical ape-like creature which is also commonly referred to as Sasquatch in Canadian and American folklore – is seen wandering around in woodlands in Idaho, USA.

The video says: “The Bigfoot in this video looks very real and you can even make out the heavy build and all the muscles which is hard to replicate using a fake suit… Plus who in their right mind would rent or buy a suit just to pull off a hoax?”

It continues: “This simply can not be a man in a suit only because there is so much detail in the body and it looks MASSIVE in size.”

Reacting to the viral video, which has received over 100,000 views on YouTube, various Bigfoot obsessives weighed in to share their opinions.

Paul Seaburn of said: “Whatever this is, it’s BIG. Big head, big butt, big body, thick legs, large arms. That would have to be a pretty large human to be a person inside of a costume.

“Along those lines, if it was a human in a costume, its wardrobe assistant managed to find one with a pretty snug fit. You don’t see Bigfoot impersonators in costumes that realistic… if this is what Bigfoot really looks like. The gait is a normal walking gait – nothing bearish or ape-like about it.”

Another analysis over on said: “Very little is actually known about the video or where it came from and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation for why the person who recorded it stopped filming after such a short period of time.

“The video caption notes that the level of detail present in the ‘suit’ makes it unlikely to be a hoax, however, without additional background information it’s impossible to say what’s going on.”

In other reactions to the new footage, some showed they were sceptical. One commented: “Unless the person who filmed this comes forward and explains why it’s only a few seconds it’s probably fake.”

Another said: “I’d need a regular human going on the same trail, so I could see the height difference. This thing looks huge.”

It is not the first time ‘Bigfoot’ has apparently been spotted recently. In July, footage that claimed to show a sasquatch like-creature carrying a smaller sasquatch across a river in Michigan emerged online. The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organisation said the footage prompted “a lot more questions than answers.”

Numerous other weird figures have been spotted over the years causing many to believe that Bigfoot is truly out there. Whether it is, is up to you to decide.

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