For The First Time, A Loved-Up Couple May Not Win

For the first time in Love Island USA history, a loved-up couple may not win. Season 3 had a relatively strong start, even with the dramatic love triangle among Cashay Proudfoot, Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr., and Trina Njoroge. At least fans had something to watch every night of the week. Since then, most of their favorites have left the island as the recoupling ceremonies continue to disappoint.

The show will be wrapping up its third season soon. That’s a good thing for the residents of Ninole, Hawaii, who complained about the nonstop noise, flashing lights, and traffic. The CBS reality series teased that a winner will be crowned soon. For the first time in the show’s history, America might vote for a couple that’s not in love.

Love Island USA Season 3 lost the point

The premise of Love Island USA is to isolate a group of hot islanders in a villa. This time around, they stayed in Hawaii after a fiery second season in Las Vegas. Not only do the islanders compete for the $100,000 grand prize, but they also hope to leave the villa with the love of their life. Only a few found love this season.

The most genuine couple, Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein, are now gone. They were coupled up since the beginning. They managed to work through their trust issues, especially during Casa Amor. On their last date, Josh asked Shannon to be his girlfriend. They became the first and only official couple in the villa.

Not even Will Moncada has asked Kyra Lizama to be his girlfriend. That’s probably because they’re already a couple. Fans think the two knew each other and dated before going on the show. Josh and Shannon had to leave the villa because of his sister’s unexpected death.

The second longest-running couple is Will and Kyra. They had several weeks to win over America, but they failed to. According to a recent episode, they may also have a hard time winning over some of the islanders. Will and Kyra don’t trust them after the previous recoupling ceremony.

Why a loved-up couple may not win

According to the Love Island USA Season 3 spoilers, America may not get to vote for a couple that’s in love. This is a first for the show that prides itself on helping its islanders find love. It hasn’t done a good job proving that with its track record of its contestants. Season 3 is coming to an end soon, and most of the couples left are not in love with each other.

The word hasn’t even been uttered this season. The Sunday, August 8 episode ended by showing America’s votes for the couples they feel have the most potential. Trina and Andre Luis Brunelli are in the top spot. Kyra and Will held the second spot, while Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandey fell into third place.

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
[Credit: CBS/YouTube]

The bottom couples included Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch, Bailey Marshall and Jeremy Hershberg, and Elly Stefan and K-Ci Maultsby. On Sunday night’s episode, the islanders saved Bailey and Jeremy, and Alana and Charlie. Elly and K-Ci had to go home, much to the chagrin of fans. This show continues to disappoint with each passing episode.

As a result, America is rooting for Trina and Andre to win. The couple isn’t even romantically involved with each other. Andre is rumored to be married still, while Trina is nursing her heartbreak after Cinco left her for Cashay. She hasn’t made any other connections in the villa.

Who do you think will win this season? Who are you voting for? Sound off below in the comments.

Love Island USA airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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