Francisco Lindor trying to cope with ugly 2021 with help of Carlos Beltran

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Francisco Lindor is friends with one of the few Mets players, present or past, who could completely understand the nature of the beast.

Throughout his disappointing first season with the Mets, the star shortstop spoke often to Carlos Beltran and solicited his advice. Beltran had worn the same shoes as Lindor when he was a player. Arriving to the Mets on a seven-year contract worth $119 million before the 2005 season, Beltran largely disappointed during his first year in Queens. He rebounded, playing to the level of his contract, before injuries later in his Mets career kept him sidelined for significant stretches.

Lindor’s 10-year contract extension worth $341 million won’t kick in until 2022, and already he’s suffered from boo-fatigue at Citi Field. Those boos became a topic of conversation with Beltran, who could relate.


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