Frankie Jonas’ Scientology necklace TikTok goes viral as Charli D’Amelio & more wear it

Scientology is one of the world’s most obscure religions, but it has gone viral on TikTok after Frankie Jonas posed with a necklace shaped like the group’s “new-era” symbol.

TikTok isn’t exactly where most people would expect to see Scientology pop up. After a video of Frankie Jonas posing with a necklace depicting the group’s “new-era” symbol started to pick up traction, the necklace has appeared in thousands of other TikToks.

The issue is, though, that most influencers don’t actually know what they’re promoting.

Mike Miller

The Scientology building in Hollywood, California, rises high above the city streets.

TikTok Scientology necklace goes viral

After Jonas was seen posing with the necklace, which is crafted into the shape of an “S” snaking through two right-hand facing triangles, a collection of other TikTokers have jumped on the bandwagon without realizing that they’re promoting Scientology.

In a now-deleted video from Jonas’ TikTok (also deleted), we see a collection of influencers posing with the oversized symbol.

Famous faces include the likes of Noah Beck, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, and Olympic gold medal winner Suni Lee.

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The comments section is awash with TikTok users having a giggle at the expense of these oblivious stars.

“You just KNOW their agents are having a meltdown right now,” writes one user, with another writing “can you please crop the one of Charli? I’m laughing so hard you don’t understand.”

“This is peak internet comedy,” states an amused TikToker, with a final respondent noting “it’s hilarious how clueless they are.”

Will Scientologists use TikTok as a new means of attracting followers? Or will this trend die off after stars realize just what they’ve been flaunting? We’ll have to wait and see.

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