Friends ‘camping alone’ spot disturbing figure when they watch footage back

A couple of friends who went on a camping trip filmed themselves as they built a fire, but said they noticed something very disturbing in the footage while watching it back later

Friends ‘camping alone’ spot disturbing figure when they watch back video

Two friends who went camping discovered they may not have been alone when they watched back a video taken on the trip.

TikTok user Carterbooth uploaded a clip, titled ‘Never been so disturbed’, and it’s been viewed more than 4.4 million times on the social media platform.

It gained thousands of comments as most people failed to see anything out of the ordinary in the footage, until one or two pointed out exactly where to look.

The video shows one of the friends attempting to snap a stick on his leg to add to the fire they had built, before the camera quickly scans around the surrounding area as the filming is stopped.

The clip has been watched more than four million times

Some people couldn’t spot the figures in the footage

It shows the dark outline of trees and rocks above them – but the eagle-eyed friends later noticed what appeared to be the outline of two people also lurking in the shadows.

Captions read: “My friend and I went camping alone, but we saw this when we watched the footage…”

Some failed to spot anything, with one person writing in the comments: “I couldn’t find it, and I’m keeping it that way; ya’ll stay safe tho.”

A second said: “I must be blind cus I don’t see anything on the rocks”, and another added: “WHERE. I’VE WATCHED IT 20 TIMES.”

Others tried to help out, with one replying: “If you don’t see anything there are two people above them.”


But not everyone was convinced by the footage, with another arguing: “You should tell your friend to get down from the ledge there otherwise they will fall and hurt themselves.”

And someone else said: “I also randomly pan my camera up and around for absolutely no reason.”

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