from meek Nickelodeon star to chart-topping singer

ARIANA Grande has become a household name in recent years as she abandoned her roots in acting and became one of the best voices of the music industry.

The iconic singer recently made her debut as the new judge for The Voice, following Nick Jonas’ exit, and fans were left amazed as she took over the role seamlessly and many claimed she was “out of the show’s league.”



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Before becoming a rising star in Nickelodeon’s Victorious, the Florida native was a regular teen with dark hair and child-like features.

She did start to get some singing experience at the time as she played around in the studio with cover songs.



Ariana first appeared on the silver screen as she embodies Cat on the show Victorious, alongside Victoria Justice.

At the time, the 17-year-old began obsessively dyeing her hair bright red to suit her character.

She also talked with a much softer voice and began to play around with makeup.

The TV star also lent her voice to sing a few songs but was often overshadowed by other cast members of the show.



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By 2012, Ariana had ditched her bright red locks for darker ones.

At this time, the star began to rock her hair back as the constant dyeing of her hair caused it to get dehydrated and ultimately, break off.

Though unconfirmed, Ariana also showed off a slimmer nose, hinting that she might have gotten a nose job.



Ariana, who traded her pale skin for a bronzed look, started to explore her music career at this time as she then switched her look for her signature brunette.

She also began to wear her hair in her iconic ponytail so she could hide her damaged hair and add extensions.



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By 2015, Ariana made a name for herself as she collaborated with performers like Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Jessie J.

She also added to her signature look mini dresses and massive boots to give her a height boost.



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Ariana switched up her look by adding bangs and going a few shades blonder with her highlights.

She also switched up her styling for more serious looks consisting of dress pants, couture dresses, and puffer jackets.



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At this time, Ariana proceeded to look her “darkest” as she packed on the bronzer and tanning creams.

She also changed her look once more by consistently wearing oversized shirts as dresses and knee-high boots.

This was also a hard year for Ariana as her Manchester concert was bombed by Islamic extremists. Twenty-three people died and Ariana had to take a break to deal with the trauma.



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This year was not any better for the singer as she mourned the death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, while dating Pete Davidson.

The rapper had died from an accidental overdose five months after they ended their relationship.

At this time, Ariana started to cover her body in tattoos and was briefly engaged to the comedian before ultimately calling it quits.



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Ariana didn’t change much in 2019 from the previous year but she dyed her hair even darker, seemingly going back to her roots.

She also kept up her signature look of short skirts and over-the-knee boots, while her music got more explicit and daring.



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The singer, like much of the world, went into quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, she shocked the world when, within a few months, she got engaged to Darlton Gomez.

In the few times that she was spotted, she kept her high ponytail and dark locks intact.



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2021 has been a growing year for Ariana – who not only got married in a private ceremony – but began to change right in front of her fans’ eyes.

The new judge for The Voice looks different as she cut back on tanning her skin, cut her hair to embody a ’70s ponytail, and dyed it completely black.

The star has also sported plumper lips – adding to the rumored list of plastic surgery she may have gotten.

Ariana Grande stars Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s Victorious

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