From private islands to fancy cars, here are the things Jay Z has gifted Beyoncé

What could you possibly gift a woman like Beyonce who seems to have everything? Including a killer voice, enviable dance skills and a career with some of the most iconic music in the past two decades?

Well, it seems her husband – rapper and business mogul Jay-Z – might just have the perfect answer every time.

Whether buying a private tropical island (casual) or getting thousands of (very famous) friends to sing along with him for her birthday, it’s safe to say that Mr. Carter seems to know what he’s doing when it comes to buying gifts for his wife.

In honour of her 40th birthday, we’ve had a look back at some of the most lavish and heartfelt gifts that Jay-Z has given Beyonce throughout their relationship.

What better way to explore vast waters than on a superyacht?

For Beyonce’s 32nd birthday, Jay Z decided to gift her a 213-foot luxury Galactica Star yacht valued at over $70 million.

It’s without a doubt a superyacht and has tons of outdoor space, as well as a helipad. The couple have been spotted sipping on a glass of champagne while relaxing in the hot tub on the boat (Jealous? Us?). The yacht also apparently has room for 12 guests so the Carters can take their closest pals and family with them for the ride.

Vroom, vroom— a blue Rolls Royce is here

For Bey’s 25th birthday, Jay-Z pulled up with a vintage, 1959 baby blue Rolls Royce convertible, which is estimated to be worth around $1 million.

Two words: private island

Being megastars, privacy for Beyonce and Jay Z can surely be tough. Going on vacation like everyone else without a crowd is pretty much out of the question. So what did Jay do? He bought Bey a private island for her 29th birthday, of course.

Although there isn’t much information out there about the island, it’s located in the Florida Keys and is confirmed to be around 12.5 acres long with a private mansion for the couple to hang out.

An iconic Soul Train party? I think yes.

For Bey’s 35th birthday, Jay ensured that she partied the night away with a star-studded soul train themed birthday party. Guests included Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar, Usher, Diddy and many more.

Birthday wishes in front of thousands of people at a major music festival

In his headline performance at Made In America Festival, Jay sang happy birthday to Bey for her 36th birthday. Two years later, Jay, Bey, and loved ones serenaded her again backstage at Made in America. She even received a splendid cake that read: “Happy Birthday B!”

Game of Thrones Dragon egg

Mother of Dragons, is that you?

Bey is reportedly a huge fan of Game of Thrones. A few years back, Jay was rumoured to have bought her one of the prop dragon eggs for the show.

Actress Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen, told Harper’s Bazaar: “Apparently, Jay Z bought one for Beyonce or something… I don’t know.”

It’s not 100 per cent confirmed as to whether or not Bey actually has one of the eggs, but it is described as “really, really, really expensive” by Clarke.

A dazzling butterfly ring made out of valuable stones.

Jay gifted Bey a $95,000 butterfly ring designed by British jewellery designer Glenn Spiro.

It’s made out of titanium and is decorated with tsavorites, which are 1,000 times rarer than emeralds. It’s a precious stone in the garnet group species, but is green instead of cinnamon in color due to the vanadium or chromium.

It’s a stunner, but not the most practical. As a result, in 2018, Bey donated the ring to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

And they seemed to be over the moon with joy!

Bey’s ring is displayed alongside other pieces of jewellry once worn by royals such as Queen Elizabeth I.

Wonder what’s in store this year?

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