Froste unbanned on Twitch shortly after Rick & Morty stream snafu

Froste was banned on Twitch just a week after being suspended for a DMCA strike from Disney, with the latest infraction coming via a Rick and Morty stream. But now he’s back, again.

Update August 18

Froste didn’t seemed fazed by his ban coming to an end on August 18, after Twitch levied yet another suspension on his channel.

The supposed DMCA issue looks to have been cleared up, ending Froste’s ban at just under three days.

Now that his channel has been reinstated once more, his 100k+ followers will be eagerly waiting to meme it up with the content creator on his return stream.

Original story follows below…

Less than a week after he was issued a DMCA strike and subsequently banned for watching Marvel movies while streaming on Twitch, Froste has been banned yet again for airing Rick and Morty episodes while he slept.

The news was first reported by StreamerBans – an account that aggregates all of the latest updates related to Twitch partner channels.

Why was Froste banned on Twitch?

Before it had been confirmed, people already suspected it was probably due to the fact he aired Rick and Morty episodes on his channel.

One fan told Dexerto he “allegedly streamed a few episodes of Rick and Morty while he was sleeping.” And it turns out, they were right.

“Received another copyright strike and 48-hour ban from Twitch,” said Froste. He also claimed he wasn’t the one who made the decision. “Gonna just sleep on stream for the rest of the subathon instead of giving it to someone else to take over.”

Not his first ban in August

As mentioned above, it’s the second ban he’s received in August so far. Froste is known for running long Twitch subathons on the platform in recent times. But these slip-ups keep on happening, and they’ve put the breaks on his streak.

Fortunately for him, it’s only going to last two days. However, Twitch is known for ramping up the penalty for repeat offenses. So, if he makes the same mistake again, it could be for a week, and perhaps even a month.

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