Funeral director reveals the make-up brands she uses on the dead

One particular brow product was described as a must for the young mortician who said “everyone gets this in the afterlife”

If you’re a fan of Glossier you might be interested to know it is the make-up of choice for the dead.

Funeral director, Eileen Hollis, is taking to TikTok to share the secrets of working with corpses – and one such video about a body beauty routines has amassed over 720 thousand likes.

And in it she reveals that she uses Glossier on her clients.

She even got a comment from the brand themselves, who must have noticed their mascara making a debut in her makeup drawer for the dead.

Eileen Hollis has over nine million likes on TikTok, with a variety of different informative videos on what it’s really like to work in a funeral home.

In her makeup drawer, there’s a lot of products that are used on living people, such as beauty blenders, red lipstick, and even black lipstick too.

She even made a video in response to Glossier’s brand account comment which said “oh hi there” explaining why she uses their products on the dead.

Eileen responded: “Well hi there Glossier. Yes, it’s true, Glossier is in the funeral home, and that’s just because I’m obsessed.

“So basically, this is where my almost empty products go to retire, life after death you know?

“My first holy grail is this lash lift because of the brush. It just grabs and separates the lashes so well, and then there’s boy brow, it’s an absolute must, everyone gets this in the afterlife.”

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In the TikTok video we see a mixture of popular makeup brands as well as professional mortuary makeup, which is said to be thicker than the ordinary makeup that we use.

She even has a makeup palette, where she mixes different shades of foundation to get the perfect match, which she applies with a beauty blender.

“I prefer a beauty blender over an airbrush, airbrushing is great for extreme traumatic cases but if you naturally passed away we don’t really need all of that coverage.”

The video received lots of positive comments, with some users not even realising that she was talking about dead people until the very end.

One user said: “Not me freaking about germs then realising it’s going on dead people.”

Another commented: “So blessed to be using the same mascara as dead bodies.”

She also answered some really interesting questions from curious users such as “do all men wear mascara?”

It turns out men do get a tiny bit of mascara on their eyelashes just to brush them out, and they also get a gold highlighter to make them look less flat.

Her other TikTok videos also touch on different lipstick shades for the dead including red and black, and even ASMR in some.

ASMR basically stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, which is described as a tingling sensation that moves down the back of the neck and the upper spine.

YouTube and TikTok ASMR videos have recently taken the world by storm, as it helps people with anxiety as well as falling asleep.

Who knew that corpse makeup would make people feel relaxed? As her followers grow each day, we’re looking forward to seeing some more corpse makeup looks.

FYI, you never actually see the corpses, so you don’t need to worry about that.

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