Funeral Home Director Helps a Grief-Stricken Widow Fulfill Her Husband’s Last Wish

A widow was mourning her late husband’s death and was meeting with a funeral home director¬†who showed her the final preparations for her husband’s corpse before his funeral the next day.¬†

While the funeral home director was showing the widow the finishing touches, she was overcome by her emotions and burst out crying.

A widow talking to the director of a funeral home. | Photo: Shutterstock

The director was not surprised by her actions and handed her a tissue to wipe her tears. He also comforted her with his words. However, the widow said he would not understand.

She explained that she felt terrible because her husband had a gray suit he loved and always wore on Sundays. She said he loved the suit so much that he wished to be buried in it.

The problem was that the suit was very old. Hence, she decided that he should be buried in a black suit. The widow further explained that as she was standing there, she felt guilty for ignoring one of her late husband’s final requests.

She said she understood the gray suit was threadbare. Therefore, if her husband had to be buried in a gray suit, she had to buy him a new one, which she had no time or money for.

The director felt sorry for the widow and patted her on the shoulder. He said he understood her feelings and promised to ensure her husband would be buried in a gray suit the next day. The widow expressed gratitude to the director for his kindness and promised to pay him back.

On the funeral day, after the coffin was put in the grave, the widow stopped by at the funeral home to ask the director if her husband was buried in a gray suit.

The director smiled and told her that her late husband was buried as she wanted. The widow was delighted and asked him how much she owed him.

However, he refused to be paid despite the widow’s insistence. The director explained that it cost him nothing to get her husband buried in a gray suit.

The widow was surprised and asked him how he managed that. The funeral director explained that after the woman left the previous day, another widow came in and complained that her husband was being buried in a gray suit.

The second widow said her late husband always wanted to be buried in black. The director remembered the first widow’s husband was being buried in black and wanted to be buried in gray.

Therefore, he came up with a solution. Then, the widow asked him how he solved the issue, and he said:

“Well the solution was simple, Ma’am. I just switched the heads.”

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Source: Reddit

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