Furious mum locked 5-year parking row as she refuses to pay $533 fine

A woman who was ticketed for parking in a private spot allocated to her friend’s apartment in 2016 is “determined to fight” the $533 fine.

A furious British mum is locked in a five-year parking row after refusing to pay a $533 fine for leaving her car in a friend’s spot.

Sarah Quinn, 35, has accused parking enforcers of “a campaign of harassment” after she was threatened with court action for leaving her car outside her friend’s flat in Huddersfield in June 2016.

And the saga could drag on for another year, with local parking authorities Vehicle Control Services insisting they have up to “six years in which to commence court proceedings”.

The parking spot is allocated to her friend’s apartment – but tenants must include a permit in the windscreen showing the right to occupy the area.

When her friend Holly was unable to find the permit, the women put a note in the car with the unit number so the attendant could buzz up to confirm they were there.

But Sarah’s car was ticketed anyway, with Vehicle Control Services now demanding a $533 fine – and sending a court action letter.

“It states in Holly’s tenancy agreement that it’s her land and as long as she doesn’t obstruct anyone then she is free to use it as she wishes,” Sarah told Yorkshire Live.

“It’s putting a big strain on me mentally. It’s a frightening thing to be threatened on and off for this long.”

Sarah said she’s been threatened with bailiffs and the potential impact of a low credit score over the fine, which has now lead to court action.

The mum-of-two added: “I can’t believe that I have to deal with this harassment for parking at my friend’s apartment in her space, not bothering anyone and it wouldn’t be of any hardship financial or otherwise to the company because only my friend Holly can use the space.

“I am determined to fight them. These people need to be stopped.”

But the parking enforcers have hit back, claiming Sarah needed to display the valid permit.

A spokesman for Vehicle Control Services Ltd said: “Ms Quinn did not appeal the parking charge nor respond to any further reminders, (she ignored all correspondence), and, consequently, matters proceeded to court.

“In accordance with the relevant legal limitation period, we have up to six years in which to commence court proceedings.

“We are satisfied that the parking charge was issued correctly as there had been a clear breach of the terms and conditions of the car park which were clearly set out on prominent signs on site.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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