Furious Tom Hanks Begging Priscilla Presley To Leave Him Alone On Elvis Biopic?

side by side photos of Tom Hanks in a suit and Priscilla Presley in a sheer black dress

Is Tom Hanks feuding with Priscilla Presley? One report says she won’t leave him alone as he films the biopic Elvis. Gossip Cop investigates this rather alarming story.

‘Driving Tom Hanks Crazy!’

According to New Idea, Hanks is at his wit’s end with Presley. She’s reportedly been blowing his phone up all day every day since shooting began on Elvis. A source says, “Tom knows it was a big deal for Priscilla to get behind this project, so it’s important that she’s happy, but he’s talking to her more than Rita Wilson these days.”

Hanks is set to play Elvis Presley’s notorious manager Colonel Tom Parker. Priscilla was helpful in pre-production to get Hanks on the right track, a source says, but her non-stop calls and suggestions are starting to wear on the veteran actor. “Now it’s driving him batty!” the insider concludes.

Who’s Got It Against Priscilla Presley?

For some reason, tabloids just have it out for Priscilla Presley. Gossip Cop busted a story about her desperately selling items to stay afloat and another about her moving back to Graceland. These outlets paint Priscilla as someone with nothing to do but grieve her divorced husband’s death. These stories completely ignore Presley’s life after Elvis’ death as if none of it mattered at all.

New Idea’s story falls apart once you consider the timeline involved. Hanks has technically been working on Elvis for over a year. He and Wilson were forced to quarantine in Australia with COVID-19 because he was working on the flick. Are we to believe that Presley’s really been blowing him up for 18 months?

Wait, Why Tom Hanks?

Hanks is the biggest name attached to this biopic, but he’s also playing Tom Parker. If Presley was really so concerned about the film, why would she talk to Hanks?

Surely speaking to director Baz Luhrmann would make more sense. Olivia DeJonge is set to portray Priscilla Presley in the biopic, so that would make more sense as well. There’s not a hint of evidence that Presley is harming production in any way whatsoever.

Other Bogus Begging Stories

New Idea loves desperation, so it invents stories about begging celebrities all the time. Prince Harry was supposedly begging Queen Elizabeth for a return to England, while Katie Holmes was apparently pleading with Tom Cruise for money. Naomi Watts was allegedly begging Nicole Kidman for a job as well. These stories had no hint of truth behind them and just expose how lazy the outlet is.

This is just a hackneyed way for the tabloid to exploit Elvis’ death by targeting his widow. It’s a pathetic story, and it’s completely false.

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