Gabby Petito – Stones left in a cross at campsite where ‘body of missing woman was found’ as cops hunt Brian Laundrie

A MAKESHIFT memorial of white stones arranged in the shape of a cross has been spotted at the campsite where Gabby Petito’s remains are believed to have been found.

The shrine was seen near the area in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming where the FBI made the gruesome discovery on Sunday.


A makeshift memorial of white stones arranged in a cross was seen near the siteCredit: Sydney Glenn
Authorities tragically found what is believed to be the remains of missing Gabby Petito, 22


Authorities tragically found what is believed to be the remains of missing Gabby Petito, 22Credit: AP

It was situated just east of where the body, which was “consistent with Gabby’s description” was located at the Spread Creek Dispersed Campsite.

It is not clear when the cross, seemingly dedicated to the 22-year-old travel vlogger according to the Daily Mail, was created.

Remnants of law enforcement’s search efforts also remained around the campsite, that was been closed to the public since last Saturday.

The “free-spirited” Long Island native Petito was last seen on August 24, checking out of a hotel with fiancé Brian Laundrie in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The couple had been travelling across America since July with Laundrie before she went missing – and he mysteriously returned home without her.

After lawyering up and refusing to cooperate with police, he then vanished after telling his parents he was heading for a hike on September 14.

A huge search operation is still underway for the 23-year-old as forensic experts comb his hard drives for clues.

Cops swarmed the Laundrie family home on Monday morning and bundled his parents into a police van, just hours after the remains believed to be Petito were found.

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The FBI announced a “search warrant” twice before they removed Chris and Roberta Laundrie from the home.

But it is feared authorities may have bungled the crucial initial stages of the investigation – as Laundrie was allowed to roam free.

Former Miami-Dade homicide detective Pat Diaz suggested a search warrant could’ve been secured for Petito’s missing case without suspicion of a crime.

“Why would you [try to] get consent from the guy, and not get a search warrant?” Diaz asked on Sunday, according to Fox News.

“You can get a search warrant for everything in that house, including his laptop.”


Diaz said that examining Laundrie’s electronics on the day Petito was reported missing could’ve given some insight as to where she was located.

He said this type of probe could have been possible with Laundrie refusing to talk.

Just weeks before Petito’s disappearance, the pair had been stopped by police and questioned about an apparent domestic dispute that had been reported.

Gabby revealed through tears that the two had been fighting, citing “personal issues” between the two.

Gabby revealed to the cops that the couple were arguing regarding her OCD and her frustrations toward the disease.

Laundrie’s “calm” demeanor in the footage has saw internet sleuths chillingly compare him to convicted murderer Chris Watts, who killed his wife and two daughters in 2018.

The search focused on the Bridger-Teton National Forest


The search focused on the Bridger-Teton National ForestCredit: Getty
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