Gabi DeMartino’s Epic Musikfest Set Sparks Changes For Her Album!

Gabi DeMartino was so moved by fan reactions to her recent Musikfest set, she decided to make major changes to her upcoming album.

As we reported, the rising star was opening for EDM legend Zedd during the world’s largest free music festival and rocked a set filled with a few of her new singles. During the performance, Gabi had the crowd dancing to the first six singles off of the album, which is set to be released in October.

Based on the crowd reaction, Gabi has decided to the original title — Beautiful Mess — must change, and she is adding a lot more of an EDM vibe to the music. As you can imagine, the Zedd crowd was pumped up by some of the EDM vibes of her music, inspiring her to give the fans what they want in the future. Now, Gabi is even considering changing some of the lyrics to her biggest songs to account for the vibes she received from this massive crowd.

Gabi DeMartino Sets The Crowd On Fire!

FAME By Sheeraz

The word is…she is set to announce the new title in the coming days!

While on stage, Gabi opened up with “Welcome To My Life” and delighted the crowd with her dancing to the beats. “It was such an amazing experience being up there. I’ve worked on this album for 2 years now and then I put it out there and people really loved it, they were dancing and singing…it was just a really great feeling,” she said following the set.

At that point, DeMartino transitioned to one of the most requested songs — Diamonds — which fans in the crowd couldn’t help but get hyped for. Gabi uses a snippet of “Diamonds” in many of her videos and her fans were ecstatic to hear it as a single! Gabi closed out her performance with “Not Today”, “Beautiful Mess” and arguably her most popular song “Pretty Little Mind”.  Gabi’s big performance at Musikfest has inspired her to potentially re-release “Pretty Little Mind” with updated instrumentals that add a bit more of an EDM feel to it.

Adding A Little More EDM Feel to It!

Gabi DeMartino's Epic Musikfest Set Sparks Changes In Her Album
FAME By Sheeraz

In one of the craziest parts of the night, Gabi even managed to turn one of her former ‘haters’ into a fan. Several years back, Gabi contacted a few haters from inside her limo for a vlog where she discussed the issues. One of those people actually retweeted the video and revealed he was actually at Musikfest. Of course, she was shocked to see the tweet and even more stunned to see him dancing in the crowd!

Gabi DeMartino Fighting Police Injustice

As we reported, the stunning performance comes on the heels of the ‘Youtube’ star joining the fight against police misconduct in the United States. Gabi partnered with Emma Hepburn Ferrer (granddaughter of legendary actress Audrey Hepburn) to raise money for the National Police Accountability Project (NPAP.) “I’ve got a massive platform and this cause meant so much to me that I had to find a way to use it to help out in any way. My eyes have been opened over the past few years to the systemic injustice that plagues our police system,” she said.

The bottom line, fans are eagerly awaiting the new music!

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