Gaston orders Disney tourist to leave when she touches his chest

A woman visiting a Disney resort got a stern telling off by a Gaston actor when she tried to touch his chest without permission.

In a viral video that was shared on Reddit on September 27, the tourist is laughing and trying to pose for a photograph with the actor portraying the Beauty and the Beast villain.

It’s normal to pose with the actors and some of them even offer hugs, but the woman reaches over and touches the man’s chest without asking.

He looks angry and sternly says: “Get out. Now. Leave!”

Instead of taking him seriously, the woman looks momentarily baffled then attempts to touch him again while posing for a photo.

The excited tourist puts her hands on him

Gaston stops her again and firmly says she has to leave.

The woman asks: “Really?”

Gaston replies: “Yeah, you’re done. There are children here!”

The footage dates back to 2015 but since it has been recirculated it has sparked a fierce discussion about the woman’s behaviour and the actor’s way of dealing with it.

One said: “As a former Disney employee I can tell you that characters on any meet and greet put up with all kinds of abuse, from being kicked by children to being groped by teens and adults.”

The actor tells the woman to go away
The actor tells the woman to go away

“Love him! Remind her where she’s at and to learn some respect for human boundaries,” said another viewer.

A couple of viewers even had a go at re-writing the “Gaston” lyrics from Beauty and the Beast to fit the awkward scenario.

One of them penned: “No one copes like Gaston. No one ‘nopes’ like Gaston.

“No one calls out girls’ unwanted gropes like Gaston.”

Another one commented: “No one REJECTS like Gaston. Demands RESPECT like Gaston.

“No one shuts down the groping of PECS like Gaston!”

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