GBX DJ George Bowie makes cheeky post as he and wife Ellene celebrate 25th wedding anniversary

Radio Clyde presenter George Bowie made a cheeky post as he and his wife Ellene celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a fry up.

The couple tied the knot in October 1996 at Luss Parish Church on Loch Lomond, followed by a reception at Cameron House.

And today, to mark 25 years of marriage, Mr and Mrs Bowie celebrated with a fry up breakfast and a cocktail for Mrs Bowie.

George who is best known for his GBX show, even posted on Instagram to mark the occasion and joked that 25 years with him would drive anyone to drink.

He said: “It’s our 25th wedding anniversary and Ellene is getting on it already. Then again putting up with me for 25 years would drive anyone to drink. Luv Ya!”

Instead of a cocktail, George opted for a coffee.

Many congratulated the pair on reacting such a milestone.

One said: “Happy anniversary mr and mrs Bowie.”

Another added: “Happy silver wedding anniversary to you both have a wonderful day celebrating.”

While one wrote: “Happy anniversary to you both! Ellene is a superstar.”

After their wedding in 1996, the couple didn’t pick up their wedding photograph album but in 2015, George surprised Ellene with it on Valentine’s Day, 18 years later.

Speaking at the time, he admitted: “I feel so embarrassed but we just never got round to getting them.

“We must be the most disorganised people on the planet and it actually became a standing joke between us. But it was great to see them, especially since both our dads are sadly no longer with us. The day has a lot of happy memories for us.

“My kids have enjoyed seeing them too. The only problem now is that I am usually hopeless with gifts and I have no idea how I can ever top this.”

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Ellene said: ” “It was lovely, a big surprise but quite bizarre really as so much time has passed.

“It was in the days before digital cameras and technology has moved on so much that I had given up hope of ever seeing them again.

DJ George and his wife Ellene show off their wedding album

“Some of the guests had passed on since the wedding, including both our dads, so it was a bit sad too.

“To get them on Valentine’s Day was really nice. I don’t know how George could have done better really.”

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