Gender reveal goes hilariously wrong after Amazon confetti cannon mix-up

Having a baby is always exciting, with many now opting to hold gender reveal parties to optimise the celebration of their new little arrival.

But a viral TikTok video posted by user @emiliejean showed how a gender reveal party can in reality go very very wrong.

The woman included text in the video that reads: “When Amazon mislabels the poppers”.

The popular clip shows a couple surrounded by their friends and family.

They count down from 10 before letting off confetti poppers to reveal the gender of the baby.

After eagerly waiting, the man and woman fired off the confetti cannons.

The couple were excited to find out the gender of their baby
(Image: emiliejean16/TikTok)

Blue confetti bursts out of the popper, which indicates they’re having a boy.

But before the couple had time to celebrate properly, a mortified family member rushes out from the crowd.

To her horror, she realised the cannons had been mislabelled.

During the chaos, the couple were actually told they’re expecting a baby girl!

The original poster explained in the comments: “The pack comes with both colours, labelled 1 & 2.

“The package had two number 2s and one was pink and one was blue.”

gender reveal fail
Millions of people have watched the amusing clip on TikTok
(Image: emiliejean16/TikTok)

She confirmed the gender by captioning the video: “It’s a girl!”

TikTok users rushed to the comments to share their views on the gender reveal blunder.

One user commented: “I would be getting a refund.”

Another person added: “You can tell the girl who planned it looked mortified.”

A third user commented on their dislike of the gender reveal party and said: “That’s why these things can do harm. Just reveal the ultrasound like people used to. It’s so much easier.”

The clip has now racked up 18.4 million views and a whopping one million likes.

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