General Hospital Preview Video For The Week of September 20 Is Out! Explosion At Jason-Carly Wedding

The General Hospital promo video for the upcoming week of September 20 is out. It reveals that Nina’s truth will be out, and she will have to face whatever is coming her way. Nina has been hiding a lot of things lately. Now she will have to pay.

Then, Jason and Carly will be celebrating their wedding, but it looks like it won’t be all happiness and smiles. There will be an explosion that might change everything. What will happen? Keep reading to find out.

Nina Is Being Questioned 

Starting off the preview episode, viewers will get to see Nina as she gets questioned. Nina has been keeping a few secrets, and now they have come out. So, she will have to face the consequences. The preview video sees Valentin as he questions Nina. Jax is, of course, there supervising the whole questioning session. He will want to make sure that Nina tells the truth. In the video, Nina tells Valentin that she was being blackmailed, and this will lead to many more questions. 

General Hospital

In the video, Valentin seems really confused as Nina starts telling him the truth. Valentin asks her who was blackmailing her, and it looks like Nina will have no other option but to confess. Nina will tell Valentin that Peter was threatening her about her fantasy romance with Sonny, and that will give her some serious backlash. Nina knew that Peter was a dangerous man. When she came to know that Peter was alive, she could have informed anyone. But she didn’t, and that will horrify both Valentin and Anna

General Hospital: Jason And Carly’s Wedding

One another thing that has been focused on in the preview video is Carly and Jason’s wedding. The promo shows Jason and Carly as they sit in a limo after their wedding. Since the newlywed bride and groom have gone missing, Maxie will go searching for them. She is the wedding planner and wants everything to be just on time. She will want everything to go smoothly. However, other people at the wedding have something else in mind. Vincent Novak, Charles Buscema, and Ms. Wu have an explosive plan for the newlyweds. 

General Hospital

General Hospital preview video focuses on a bomb that seems to be planted on Jason and Carly’s limo. But, as the spoilers suggest, Ms. Wu will have a change of heart, and she will call this off. It looks like Ms. Wu hugged Jason after the wedding and told him about the explosive. We know that someone will get affected by this blast, but it won’t be Jason and Carly


Meanwhile, Sonny will come back home, and that will be indeed fireworks. General Hospital is bringing some really exciting episodes in the upcoming week. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. will keep passing on all the updates about the soap as it surfaces. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the promo video here-


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