‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint At Major Cast Changes Ahead

General Hospital spoilers signal additional cast changes on the horizon and fans are feeling uncertain regarding what to expect. Some recent exits seem to be temporary, but viewers may want to brace themselves for some significant changes.

At Least One More Temporary Exit Is Coming Soon

There is plenty of speculation swirling regarding potential cast cuts in the weeks or months ahead. There have even been rumors that a mass exodus is on the way, but so far, nothing definitive has emerged on that front. Despite that, General Hospital viewers have seen farewells from Laura, Ava, and Jordan as they’ve departed Port Charles. Laura’s expected to return this fall, and it seems likely Ava’s absence will be temporary. Jordan, however, is now gone for the foreseeable future.

One departure that is coming is that of Sofia Mattsson, who portrays Sasha. While Sasha hasn’t hit her due date yet, Mattsson actually welcomed her son on July 26. During Thursday’s episode, Brando made excuses for Sasha missing Carly and Jason’s wedding. That may well signal the beginning of Mattsson’s absence for her maternity leave. In all likelihood, she’ll return to the set this fall.

Credit: Sofia Mattsson Instagram

General Hospital Has A Huge Cast Right Now

Some might say the General Hospital cast is pretty bloated at the moment, and that could support the rumor of cuts on the way. Jeff Kober is back in the picture, at least temporarily, and Cameron Mathison is the new Drew. Wes Ramsey’s Peter isn’t dead after all, and Charles Shaughnessy is the not-so-dead Victor Cassadine. Fans have a hunch there’s a connection between Esme and someone in Port Charles, and Roger Howarth now plays Austin after Franco’s death.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note Kristina will pop up soon, but there’s no telling how much of Lexi Ainsworth fans will see. Real Andrews will surely be back as Taggart soon, given Portia’s confession Curtis is Trina’s biological father, not Taggart. Fans also have a hunch Hayden will be back in the mix of things soon too. Which existing cast members and characters might production sacrifice to make room for these folks?

There has been some speculation Ingo Rademacher (Jax) might exit General Hospital again relatively soon. Jax is integral to the current chaos involving Nina and Sonny right now, but off-screen drama has some suspecting he has a target on his back. For now, Rademacher’s potential departure is more rumor than fact, as is the buzz that a significant number of cast members are being cut. General Hospital spoilers hint at major twists and turns coming soon, with the mob war brewing and Sonny regaining his memory. Seems the writers set the stage for some significant comings and goings and fans are eager for details.

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