General Hospital Spoilers: “Mike” Wants a Future With Nina

The best-laid plans could be about to fall apart in a big way in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers! Jordan worries about Shawn, Dante has a proposition for Sam, Spencer kicks off his blowout party, and “Mike” wants to make a future with Nina even as Carly is haunted by Sonny and Jax urges Jason to call off the engagement!

Jordan’s personal life has been a bit of a mess with her marriage to Curtis falling apart and her friendship with Portia suffering because of it. So when Shawn steps in, she questions if that’s the right thing. “Are you sure you want to get in the middle of all this?” she asks.

Things between Dante and Sam have been super awkward since their kiss on the Fourth of July, but it looks like he’s going to make another attempt when he catches up with her at the hospital with a suggestion. “How about… right now?” he declares. What does he have in mind?

GH Trina Spencer Cam Joss
Spencer’s big night isn’t going to go the way he thinks!ABC

Trina, Joss, and Cam all arrive at Wyndemere where Spencer is more than eager to kick off his big bash. “Who is ready for some epic misbehaving?” he shouts to the room. But with Nikolas setting up his own plans to make his son pay for stalking him and Ava, Spencer’s party may not go as planned!

In Nixon Falls, Nina wants to enjoy whatever time she has left with “Mike” but he doesn’t want to think like that. “Why don’t we make long-term plans?” he suggests. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Carly is haunted by memories of Sonny again. “I didn’t know if the… recent developments had kept you away,” she says as she clutches one of Donna’s dolls to her chest. Speaking of Carly and Jason’s engagement, Jax thinks it’s a terrible idea and isn’t being quiet about it. “Do the right thing,” he orders Jason. “End this before someone gets hurt.”

Check out this tease for today’s exciting Friday cliffhanger GH!

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