‘General Hospital’ Star Ingo Rademacher SLAMS Fans As ‘Morons’

A feud between Ingo Rademacher and General Hospital fans continues to escalate. The actor took to his Instagram to slam fans as “morons.” What is going on between the soap star and fans of the show? Plus, see his co-star’s response to the ongoing drama. 

General Hospital Star’s Past Problematic Behavior 

When it comes to General Hospital, sometimes it seems more drama happens offscreen than on. Ingo Rademacher has been appearing as Jasper “Jax” Jacks for over 25 years. However, in the last few years, he’s found himself in some hot water with fans on social media. 

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The actor is quite conservative on political issues. Several of his disagreements with co-star Nancy Lee Grahn have played out on Twitter. Another General Hospital co-star was pulled into the drama earlier this year after he seemingly sided with Rademacher in the feud. Maurice Benard later apologized for his part in the war between co-stars. 

However, Ingo Rademacher continues to stir up controversy. Will the network intervene in his latest tiff with fans of the show? 

Ingo Rademacher SLAMS Fans as ‘Morons’ 

Ingo Rademacher is not happy with some General Hospital fans. Apparently, Ingo was promoting an anti-vaccine rally last weekend. Soap Opera Network reports that the soap star took issue with being accused by fans of infecting his co-stars with COVID-19. There’s no indication that there’s any truth to that allegation. 

However, fans took to Twitter to speak out against Ingo promoting the rally. The hashtag #FireIngo was apparently trending over the weekend, which caught the actor’s eye. Even after Rademacher clarified that he’s not against vaccines, but vaccine passports, the feud continued. 

The actor went on an Instagram rant calling those who were using the hashtag “morons” and “bigots.” He took fans to task for demanding ABC fire him over his personal beliefs. Watch the fiery rant below: 

Co-Star Burns Ingo With Blistering Clapback 

There’s clearly no love lost between Ingo Rademacher and Nancy Lee Grahn. The actress weighed in on the drama between Ingo and the fans of the show. She sent out a blistering tweet calling Ingo out for allegedly having an account on Parlor. 

Where do you land on the feud between some General Hospital fans and Ingo? Should the soap opera fire him for calling the fans “morons” or was the rant justified? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

The drama among the fictional residents of Port Charles is just as juicy as the offscreen drama. Don’t miss General Hospital, weekdays on ABC. 

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