General Hospital Was Too Impatient To Have Sonny Corinthos Return

Social media may have given a collective sigh of relief when it was Sonny Corinthos who woke up after that General Hospital blaze engulfed The Tan-O. Yet, we can’t help but feel deprived of a very important beat in this story that could have provided incredible drama.

General Hospital: Mike, We Hardly Knew Ya

What could we possibly mean by that? We were so looking forward to seeing Mike’s (Maurice Benard) reaction to finding out who he really was — without it returning his memories. How would sweet Mike, salt of the earth, react to finding out he was a vicious Port Charles mobster who’s had people killed for crossing him?

How would he react to learning how many times he’s been married? To shooting his wife in the head as she gave birth? To his son getting shot in the head instead of him? To his other son dying in an explosion? There’s so much that we couldn’t wait to see Mike’s reaction to about Sonny’s life in Port Charles.

While we understand that General Hospital wants the shock of history repeating itself (backward) with Sonny discovering wife Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) betraying him by sleeping with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), we couldn’t help but hope that he’d return to his family — and not remember any of them! How horrified would Carly be to see the love of her life only to have him turn to Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) because he’s confused by everyone’s overwhelming feelings?

And what happens to the mob? Sure, Sonny’s alive — but he’s not able to run his empire! But do they have to convince him that he’s the only one who can and therefore should save Port Charles? Would Mike give a darn? Would he end up getting caught up in his former world just to keep people he’s told he loves safe?

There were endless ways this story could have gone had they chosen this direction. Now there’s only one. Angry Sonny is back and he’ll probably throw barware as he rails against how everyone in his life has betrayed him. Haven’t we seen this from Sonny before?

General Hospital had a way to keep this story fresh but still return Benard back to Port Charles to be in the thick of things with the rest of the cast — with an exciting new spin for the Daytime Emmy winner to play. They still could have, down the line, had Mike recall Sonny’s memories— and have a whole slew more of reactions and fallout. We’re not saying that what we’re about to see won’t be incredible — we had just hoped for Mike’s story to last just a bit longer.

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