George And Amal Clooney Leaving Hollywood, Moving To Australia?

Are George Clooney and Amal Clooney adding to their ample real estate portfolio? One report says they’re planning to move away from Hollywood and chase bliss in Australia. Gossip Cop investigates.

The Clooneys’ ‘Big Move To Oz!’

According to the Australian tabloid New Idea, George Clooney is falling in love with Australia ahead of shooting Ticket to Paradise there. He and Amal are even planning to start a new life down under, an insider says. The family will soon arrive in Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands, where they’re allegedly eyeballing a mansion entitled “The Greenhouse.”

The residence would be temporary while George films, but she could be scoping out a new place to live permanently. The source says that Amal is determined to ensure her children have as normal a life as possible, and Australia is pretty removed from the spotlight. An insider concludes, “This trip is a big test for the kids and George — if Amal is happy, she won’t hesitate to scoop something up in the area.”

Why Would They Wait?

If the Clooneys really wanted a place in Australia, then they would own a place in Australia. He was reportedly worth $239 million in 2018, and this number could only have gone up. The couple famously owns property all over the world. If they really wanted a place in Australia, they’d have one by now.

While the Clooneys are open about wanting their kids to have normal names and a normal upbringing, they haven’t said a word about finding privacy in Australia. Paradoxically, this very story proves Australia isn’t exactly free from prying eyes. The Australian press is chirping away about George Clooney’s upcoming trip, and there’s no reason to think it would relent if he moved there.

A Common Trope

New Idea is an Australian outlet, and it has a history of predicting Australian moves that never actually happen. Professional actors tend to live in Hollywood as much out of California love as necessity; it’s where the movie industry is. One could own property elsewhere, as the Clooneys do, but it’s extremely rare to actually see stars kiss the United States goodbye.

The outlet has promised native sons Hugh Jackman and Keith Urban would move back to Australia, but that hasn’t happened. Katie Holmes still lives in New York, and Ellen DeGeneres hasn’t moved either. This is just a lame trope that promises a lot and delivers nothing.

The less said of its Clooney track record the better. New Idea maintains that George and Amal are living separate lives while still publishing stories about a vow renewal ceremony. These stories aren’t even compatible with one another, let alone with reality.


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