GH Spoilers 8/12/21: Will Jason and Carly Get Married?

In these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers, it looks like wedding bells may not ring for Jason and Carly after all! Plus, Britt passes the blame to Jax, Nikolas reveals the shocking truth to Ava, Trina is grateful to Stella, Nina suggests to “Mike” they could still be happy, and Josslyn wonders when her mother is going to marry Jason even as he seems to be having second thoughts!

Britt has been stinging from Jason’s rejection, and she and Jax seem to both agree that their night together had no strings attached. But she’s ready to place blame where she likes when things go wrong! “If it all blows up in my face, I know who to blame,” she warns Jax.

At the pool, Nikolas updates Ava on his latest discovery. “Our stalker is my son,” he reveals to his stunned wife. But can the pair fight back and save their marriage while keeping the teen from doing something drastic to split them apart forever?

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Can Nik and Ava stop Spencer?ABC

When Portia visits Stella in her hospital room, the patient is understandably concerned. “Has there been some kind of complication?” Stella asks the doctor. And in the hall, Curtis worries about how Trina’s life has been affected by learning of his affair with her mother years ago. “Miss Henry did me a favor,” Trina argues.

In Nixon Falls, Nina is still enjoying her fantasy life with “Mike” away from the drama of Sonny and Port Charles. “We could still get that happy ending,” she suggests, taking his hand in hers. Unfortunately, any happiness these two might find will be decidedly short-lived when the truth comes out… because it always does!

There were mixed reactions when Jason and Carly announced their engagement, but as one of the people supporting the union, Josslyn is wondering what the plan is. “When is this wedding going to happen?” she asks. And privately, Carly explains why she agreed to this crazy plan in the first place. “You were the lesser of two evils,” she admits to Jason. His face grim, Jason replies: “Not anymore.” Has he reconsidered this marriage idea?

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