GH Spoilers 9/2/21: Jax Wants the Truth About Sonny!

Questions need answers in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers but will there be any? Trina gets emotional, Alexis gives a warning, Jordan and Anna put their heads together, Ava gets frantic, Scott wants to know what’s going on, Spencer cautions his father, Britt gets suspicious, and Jax is determined to find out what really happened to Sonny!

Trina is about to break down in tears as she cries, “I need you!” But who is she begging for help? And what does she need help with?

There are more than a few mysteries floating around Port Charles right now, so which one are Jordan and Anna attempting to pool their resources to solve? “That’s another question that needs answering,” the commissioner admits. 

In his hospital bed, Scotty is recovering from being drugged and thrown out of an airplane, but he’s eager to find out exactly what happened. “I think I was scammed!” he declares. And in the hall, Britt is worried about Obrecht’s current status and wonders why someone else is, too. “Why are you so interested in my mother’s whereabouts?” she asks.

Scotty wants to know who threw him out of a plane!ABC

Ava is in a bit of a panic as she attempts to confirm something. “I need to know if it’s gone through!” she shouts at someone. Does this have to do with her divorce from Nikolas? Speaking of the Cassadine, he sits down with Spencer and Esme at the Metro Court and the conversation takes a dark turn. “Ava’s stalker isn’t the only threat out there,” Spencer cautions as Esme shoots Nik a glance.

At Spring Ridge, Alexis doesn’t seem to want to talk to her new visitor. “Walk away,” she orders. “That’s it.” And it appears that Jax is that visitor because he’s at the facility wearing a visitor’s pass when he makes a call. Having tasted the sauce Trina brought back from Nixon Falls, Jax remembered seeing Sonny there, but also being told he was imagining things. However, he’s now determined to get to the truth. “If anyone knows,” he says into the phone, “it’s Nina.”

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