‘GH’ Spoilers Rattle Fans — Is Ava Leaving Port Charles For Good?

This week, General Hospital fans are watching Ava prepare to leave Port Charles. She met with Carly during Monday’s episode, asking her to keep Avery, and spoilers suggest there are additional preparations coming as the week progresses. A Monday Twitter post from the show’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, has viewers worried Maura West and her character of Ava might leave permanently.

Ava’s ‘Last Days’ Are On The Horizon

Valentini’s Twitter post teased, “Ava’s days are numbered in Port Charles — what will her last days be like?” West replied with a GIF showing a woman walking in stiletto heels that were on fire, while adding emojis representing a martini and a snake. In response to West’s tweet, Sydney Mikayla (Trina Robinson), posted a tweet with a fire emoji and a smiley face with hearts.

Ava’s not gone yet, but General Hospital viewers are eager for confirmation this is just a temporary departure. The premise is that Ava is leaving Port Charles, and Avery, to keep her daughter safe from the stalker. In theory, Ava could safely return as soon as the threat of the stalker is neutralized.

The Stalker Scheme Seems Complicated

General Hospital spoilers hint this stalker scheme may be far more complex than many viewers initially suspected. Spencer handled at least some incidents that rattled Ava. However, Spencer’s girlfriend Esme is involved and viewers have a hunch her involvement is more significant than even Spencer realizes.

Over the coming days, General Hospital spoilers hint at more of Ava’s farewells. SheKnows Soaps indicates Ava will meet with Kristina during the episode airing on Wednesday, September 22. Ava will ask Kristina to take care of Charlie’s Pub, a favor Kristina will likely be happy to do. That is the last mention of Ava that pops up in the latest General Hospital spoilers.

General Hospital Fans Want Ava Sticking Around

There is no doubt there is much more story to tell regarding Ava. Luckily, there are no General Hospital spoilers indicating West’s departure is permanent. In all likelihood, West will take a bit of a break and be back ready to bring Ava’s wrath to those who crossed her. By the looks of the fan reactions to Valentini’s Twitter teaser, viewers are counting on seeing West return.

“Serious talk- @MauraWest is easily one of the best on daytime. She’s a legend. It would be a big mistake to lose her,” one General Hospital viewer tweeted.

“We are too fragile right now and so is our relationship with this show for games like this right now,” quipped someone else.

For now, anxious viewers will have to hang tight and wait for additional General Hospital spoilers regarding Ava’s fate. Many fans have come to love the pairing of Ava and Nikolas, and it seems virtually certain there’s much more to come.


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