Ghost of Tsushima Dev Says PS5 Upgrades Aren’t

Ghost of Tsushima Updates: Sucker Punch explained that PlayStation 5 updates aren’t “generic,” which is why they won’t be free for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. The announcement of Sucker Punch’s Director’s Cut sparked both excitement and disappointment, the latter due to the $10 price tag connected to PS5 extras like haptic feedback and adaptable triggers.

The new edition of Ghost of Tsushima will include the Iki Island expansion, which will give players access to a new region to explore as well as additional story content. For those who purchase the original game, the DLC costs $20 on PS4 and PS5.

PS5 owners who want to make use of current-gen features will have to pay an additional $9.99. The price strategy has been questioned by critics and users, especially because previous PS5 updates have been released for free. One developer provided an explanation in a recent interview.

Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Upgrades

In a Press Start interview (via PlayStation Lifestyle), Ghost of Tsushima Art Director Jason Connell was asked about the PS5 upgrade pricing, and he stated that the updates are not “generic.” Connell noted that PS5-specific elements will be “completely immersed” in the Iki Island material.

Will Connell’s response satisfy those who have voiced dissatisfaction with the upgrade’s cost? That remains to be seen, and the market will ultimately determine if such a tendency continues as this new generation progresses. As is customary, supporters of or opponents of the pricing scheme should vote with their money.

Reviewers and gamers alike praised Ghost of Tsushima when it was released in July 2020. The magnificent open environment and the way protagonist Jin Sakai explored it, as well as the fighting systems and other smaller elements, received a lot of acclaims. Fans who wanted to learn more about the game were given a free multiplayer mode months after it launched, and it looks that Iki Island will offer even more material.

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