Giants’ Nate Ebner forged NFL career after father’s murder

Fueled by his late father’s belief in him, the NFL veteran has improbably reached the peak of two different sports, competing in an Olympics and winning three Super Bowls. And he isn’t done yet.

Nate Ebner knows the end is near.

When someone offers optimism and courtesy, and asks what he’ll be doing when he’s finished playing football within five years, Ebner lowers his shoulder and delivers a hit.

“Five years? Are you crazy?” Ebner said. “I’m gonna be 33 this year and I don’t sit in the pocket like Tom [Brady] does.”

The Giants special teams standout has been simulating car crashes for one defiant decade and counting. He has been sprinting to meetings with helmets and bone and turf. He has been setting up a series of blocks, opening a hole through the unprecedented. Kids who didn’t play high school football don’t walk on at Ohio State. They don’t get handpicked by the most successful coach of all time. They don’t collect three Super Bowl rings. They curse the luck that caromed elsewhere. They lament unrealized potential. They regret wrong decisions and indecision.


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