Girl, 12, ‘sent home’ from school over outfit – but fuming mum’s video splits opinion

A mum has sparked debate online after sharing video of herself arguing with school staff over her daughter’s outfit.

The parent, from Washington State, US, complained to the school after finding out her 12-year-old daughter had been pulled out of class due to a dress code violation.

In a series of videos posted on TikTok, she wrote: “Ford Middle School, Washington State! What a joke!”

She asks a member of the school staff: “What are you calling security for? Seriously?”

The mum then turns around and her daughter walks in and talks to her. The daughter is seen wearing a white T-shirt and grey Calvin Klein tracksuit bottoms, as well as a black face mask.

The mum’s 12-year-old daughter was suspended from class for a dress code violation

The video cuts to another clip, showing her sitting down in a room and facing the camera towards the wall.

Despite not detailing the violations, the mum-of-three claimed her daughter was sent home even when she brought her another shirt.

“They still wouldn’t allow her in school,” she said in the comments.

The parent then posted the student handbook and urged viewers to read on page 10, which stated students are “expected to dress modestly” including no exposure of undergarments and midriffs, as well as no sagging of pants.

A member of the school staff told the mum she need to bring her daughter back home
A member of the school staff told the mum she need to bring her daughter back home

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“Final decisions regarding dress code violations will be at the discretion of administration,” it added.

Viewers were divided as some said her daughter didn’t wear anything that appeared to be against the school rules.

One said: “Absolutely nothing wrong with her outfit. People need to stop sexualising children, skin showing is not inappropriate. It’s just skin.”

A second wrote: “She looked like a very decent, well-kept little girl to me. Nothing wrong with her outfit.”

But others said the girl’s top might have been the issue.

“Was her stomach exposed? Then she deserved it. Bad parenting to allow crop top to school if it was,” a viewer added.

Another penned: “She is showing her midriff and it’s not allowed. Grow up.”


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