Girl, 15, didn’t know she was pregnant and gave birth on first day back at school

A mum has revealed she gave birth to her son on the living room floor when she was 15 years old without knowing she was pregnant.

Alexis, whose son Harry is now four, made a series of videos on her @alexis.queen18TikTok about how the drama unfolded, with the last one uploaded on Sunday (September 26).

In one of the viral clips that was watched 6 million times, Alexis said she had just one symptom of pregnancy – heartburn – but took a test and it came back negative so she was completely unaware of what was happening when labour began.

Alexis recalled “still having regular periods and no more symptoms” and said she went back to school for her first day in year 11 on September 5 in 2017.

The TikToker says she was pregnant at 15 and shocked to give birth

She added: “Having a perfectly OK day back at school.

“Getting ready for bed having a bit of back pain so taking painkillers and thinking nothing of it.

“Not sleeping all night due to the constant back pain, waking my mum and dad up at 6am telling them and they think I’m just trying to get a day off so into my uniform I get.”

Alexis said the pain intensified and her parents finally realised something serious was happening.

The baby boy was healthy and she named him Harry
The baby boy was healthy and she named him Harry

She said: “Going to the toilet before I set off to school and having the urge to push, me screaming [for] my mum and telling her I think I’m giving birth.

“My mum shouting me to come downstairs then looking up my skirt to check and going into shock when she sees a head, my dad running out the door for a pregnancy test.”

In another video, she said her dad ended up “throwing the tests across the room” and going to hold her hand for support instead.

Alexis said the moment her son was born he didn’t cry and she was afraid, but when he gave his first wail and was put on her chest it was the “best feeling”.

Her parents helped her and the baby’s father was happy with the surprise and later moved in to help support her raise their child.

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