Girl, 3, asks for morbid Lion King birthday cake so ‘everyone is too sad to eat it’

Every child loves getting a birthday cake. However it seems like one little girl didn’t want to share hers and came up with a genius way she wouldn’t have to.

A Twitter user named Casey Feigh shared photos of his niece’s birthday cake on the site with his 4,000+ followers.

He said she had requested it be of one particularly depressing Lion King scene.

He wrote: “My niece turned three today!! She asked for a Lion King cake but specifically the moment where Mufasa dies, because ‘everyone will be too sad to eat the cake and it will be all for me.”

She asked for the scene where Mufasa is killed by Scar

For those who aren’t Disney fans, Mufasa was the king of the Pride Lands and the father of Simba in the Lion King and was killed by his brother, Scar, in an effort to steal the throne.

Scar killed him by pushing him into a gorge, where Mufasa was trampled to death by a stampede of wildebeest, which Scar had organised.

And people were in stitches over her clever plan as the tweet went viral – racking up more than 112,000 retweets and 758,000 likes.

Girl, 3, asks for morbid Lion King birthday cake so 'everyone is too sad to eat it'
The little girl said everyone would be ‘too sad’ to eat the cake

One wrote: “She’s already a master planner at the age of three.”

As another added: “She will go on to do great things in this world. Love it.”

A third chimed in: “As a retired teacher of tiny humans, this is actually a sign of higher level thinking. Bravo and happy birthday to your little niece!”

While a fourth added: “This child is going places in life. That’s some great critical thinking at the age of three.”

Some people also shared similar experiences, as one mum wrote: “When my son turned three, he requested a cake themed for “the diver man that takes Nemo”. 3 year olds are the best!”

Meanwhile, another little girl’s antics left her parent gobsmacked this week when she cut up money and stuck the Queens face on dolls.

Facebook user Victoria Ingham went upstairs to check on daughter Esme to find that her child had taken a liking to a pair of scissors along with a £20 and £5 note.

“Dunno whether to laugh or cry, all I know is I am absolutely skint so donations are welcome,” the mum said.

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