Girl Forgot She Snuck Her Pet Fish Into School In Her Sippy Cup Until She Made A Huge Mistake


A three-year-old girl who took her pet fish to school in her water bottle was reminded about her mischievous plot after making one unfortunate mistake. 

Anyone with pets will tell you that it’s always a bit sad to have to leave them behind, no matter how long you might be gone for. You want to make sure they’re well taken care of; that they’ll have enough food and that they won’t get lonely throughout the day.

Unfortunately, most of us just have to suck it up and carry on with our days before returning to our pets, but three-year-old Peyton decided that instead of leaving her fish Mermaid behind, she’d take it with her to school.

Fish tank (Pixabay)Pixabay

A caring pet-owner, Peyton caught Mermaid in a water-filled sippy cup and added some food before setting off to school, at which time she promptly forgot about her stowaway. It wasn’t until she took a sip from the cup that a teacher spotted there was something in the bottle, and Peyton’s sneaky plan was foiled.

Peyton’s mother, Lauren, was quickly informed about Peyton’s antics and she couldn’t help but share the unbelievable story with her cousin, Connor, who went one step further by sharing the details on Twitter.

Alongside screenshots of his conversation with Lauren, Connor wrote: 

Having recently gotten married,@BrieHughes3 & I have started the discussion on having children.

I received this text message from my cousin today and I’m not sure we’re ready.

Messages exchanged between the cousins detailed how Peyton drank the fish-filled water ‘at snack time’ because she ‘forgot it was in there’, but thankfully the fish made it home safe.

Images of the young girl show her standing proudly with Mermaid in hand, and Lauren told Buzzfeed News that Peyton decided to take the fish to school simply because she ‘loves her so much’.

I couldn’t even be mad at her…

She was a good and responsible pet owner – pretty impressive for a 3-year-old to fill her cup with water, scoop her fish out of the tank, put it in the sippy cup, add food, close the lid, and put it in her backpack…all within a max of two minutes while I ran upstairs to get her clothes. She is truly wise beyond her years!

Peyton with fish (@Connor_J_Hughes/Twitter)@Connor_J_Hughes/Twitter

Having learned what her daughter is capable of, Lauren now makes sure all pets are accounted for before Peyton goes to school, and the mum has even secured the lid to Mermaid’s tank with duct tape to ensure she won’t be going on any more adventures.

Still, I’m sure the trip to school will have been enough of an adventure to last the fish a lifetime.


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