Girlfriend convinced her man will propose so gets a manicure & films the whole thing

EXPECTING nothing less than her boyfriend to ask for her hand in marriage, one woman pulled out all the stops for a romantic break, including getting a manicure.

Ready to film the ‘big proposal’ the woman had her camera ready throughout their entire break away.


The woman was convinced it was her time to get engagedCredit: Tiktok/@emmatownshend
Her boyfriend booked a romantic hotel


Her boyfriend booked a romantic hotelCredit: Tiktok/@emmatownshend

Taking to her TikTok channel, the woman shared a video of the entire trip with her followers, showing every incidence of her expectation.

First showing the hotel room her boyfriend booked the woman asked: “Is he proposing or did he just book a weekend away for our anniversary.”

Next showing the meal her other half prepared she said: “Is he proposing or has he just cooked a romantic dinner.”

Showing the hotel room lit up with candles she said: “Is he proposing or did he just want a relaxing evening.”

In her final clip, the woman shows her freshly-manicured nails while in the bathtub and says: “Is he proposing or did I just have a gut feeling to get my nails done for nothing.”

The post has racked up a whopping 2.3 million views in the past four days, and people are flooding the comments section to hear what happened next.

“Ahh did he propose?” asked one person.

Another commented: “Imagine if she made all this not to be proposed to.”

One person jokingly said: “Plot twist: Every time he was about to propose he saw you were busy on your phone and it ruined the moment.”

The next day, the woman shared another video, where she replied to a comment that asked “well did he or not?.”

Revealing her hand, she showed a sparkling engagement ring before looking like she was about to cry with happiness.

She titled the new video that has 353k views “engagement”, and many people who anticipated the sequel to her last post have taken to the comments section.

One person said: “Ahh I’m crying.”

“Intuition ON POINT” commented another person, to which the newly engaged woman responded: “Always trust your gut.”

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Revealing her ring finger the woman proudly showed her followers she was engaged


Revealing her ring finger the woman proudly showed her followers she was engagedCredit: Tiktok/@emmatownshend
People had been waiting for the news


People had been waiting for the newsCredit: Tiktok/@emmatownshend


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