Girl’s reaction on meeting ‘mermaid’ for the first time is incredible to watch

It is sweet, it is heartwarming, and it is a video you will love to watch over and over again. It is a clip showcasing a girl’s joyous reaction to meeting a ‘mermaid’ for the first time. This is a clip that may leave you very happy.

The video is shared on the official Instagram page of Mermaid Montana. It is a place where performers dress up like mythical sea creatures and swim in the water.

“How would you react if you saw a mermaid for the first time? Never forget that there is magic in this world!” reads the caption shared along with the post.

Take a look at the magical video:

The video, since being shared, has gathered more than 47,000 likes. It has also gathered tons of love-filled comments.

“I am sure she will never forget this!” wrote an Instagram user. “I so desperately want to create magic like this for kids,” expressed another. “How sweet that she wanted everyone to see!” commented a third.

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