Gizelle Bryant Wants Nicki Minaj At Real Housewives Of Potomac Reunion; Says Nicki “Used To Hit Up” Her And Robyn Dixon “All The Time”

Gizelle Bryant

Every since Nicki Minaj teased us with the idea of hosting the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, housewives fans are going crazy. Even Andy Cohen got in on the excitement, causing more and more press. Which I’m sure was the point. But I’m still stuck on The Queen of Rap being a complete Karen Huger stan?

But according to Gizelle Bryant, Karen isn’t the only one Nicki is fan girling over. She claims that Nicki has a special place for her and castmate Robyn Dixon. So no wonder Gizelle would be so excited about the prospect of Nicki hosting the ladies.

Gizelle recently gave her thoughts to Digital Spy and said, “It’s so crazy. It’s like a breath of fresh air. It came from left field, we didn’t see it coming. Nicki has always been a fan of our show since season 1. She used to like hit up me and Robyn.”

I have no doubt that Nicki has been a fan since day one. But if she was a fan of Gizelle and Robyn, why wouldn’t she be following them on Instagram? Like she does Karen? Also, why has Gizelle never mentioned this? I can’t imagine she would keep it under wraps if it did actually happen. But I digress.

Gizelle went on, “We always knew she was a fan, but to jump out there and say you want to host the reunion has been fantastic. I’m totally here for it.” Yeah, me too.


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Despite their being no announcement from Bravo to indicate Nicki will be hosting, Gizelle is still hopeful. She revealed, “Andy has responded and he’s said he’d love to incorporate her for a couple of segments and allow her to ask all the questions she wants to ask. They haven’t told us yet whether or not it’s confirmed, but I am here for it and I will be wearing pink, okay! If Nicki’s coming, I’m wearing pink!”

As for Nicki’s possible opinions, Gizelle admitted, “I think she’s gonna be honest and give her take on however she feels about whatever is happening. To be honest with you, I am curious to hear the things she is thinking and feeling, and the questions she wants to ask. Because I’m so curious about it, I’m like, let this happen so she can ask the freaking question so we can have some fun. I think she wants to have fun with us. I think she wants to kiki… I mean, come on now. Think about the ratings. Everybody will be watching!”

I know I will. Even if Nicki isn’t involved. But calling all Barbz to try and make it happen!


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