Glam model gifted £39k tips from fans raises money for animal shelter

A cam girl has opened up about why she donated her earnings from her job to an animal shelter.

Afina, a high-earning model for Stripchat, has always been a lover of animals.

She makes “beautiful content” with the emphasis on the aesthetics of the female body.

While most cam girls strip off for their clients, Afina believes that teasing is more appealing than removing her clothes.

But the model has recently done a good deed after donating the money she received from a fan to an animal shelter.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, the model opened up about her recent work.

She said: “I chose to donate to an animal shelter because I truly love animals a lot! I have a lovely dog-girl and I love take care of her.

“When I see some homeless animals roaming around the streets or in shelters, it really hurts my heart!

“I have always wanted to take all of the homeless animals to my house and take care of them, but I don’t have enough space.

“Which is why I decided to donate my massive tip to help them survive.”

Afina donated the hefty $50,000 (£39,000) tip after one guy sent her the money after seeing her bio about animals.

She added: “I guess he had a big heart for animals because he just randomly did it.

“I did not expect it at all and I am I very thankful to him! The money will go a long way!”

Afina has been working on Stripchat since last July and she earns a few thousands per month from her job.

But with most models nowadays stripping off to earn their money, that’s not how Afina goes about her business.

Instead she prefers teasing her clients as she believes “everyone has their own way”.

Afina on Stripchat
She said the fan gave her the money after seeing her bio
(Image: Supplied)

The model revealed: “I believe that teasing is more seductive and sexier with a hint of a continuation than showing some body parts.

“Everyone has their own way. I’ve also developed some important friendships on Stripchat, and these people are like family to me.

“With some of these friends, we can have fun online every day without any intimacy.

“I always try to help those in need as much as I can, even before working on Stripchat.

“Now I have more opportunities to do good and help out thanks to my friends on the site who have been with me for a whole year.”

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