Glamour model, 43, reveals how she nearly died TWICE after spending two weeks in a coma from Covid

A FORMER page three model who was a self-confessed anti-vaxxer nearly died twice after spending two weeks in a coma with Covid.

Holly McGuire, 43, was given only a 15 per cent chance of survival after catching coronavirus and being put in an induced coma.

A tube was placed down her windpipe so she could breath during six weeks in hospital as she battled to live, The Mirror reports.

But the ex-Footballers Wives star is now urging everyone to get the jab after almost dying.

Holly, from Grays, Essex, but now living in Marbella, Spain, said: “It could save your life. Never take life for granted. This can happen to anyone – including you.

“I was an anti-vaxxer, I was ­unvaccinated. Now I can honestly tell people Covid is real.


“Please, everyone, ignore the nonsense some people are spouting, get the jab.

“Luckily for me I have lived to tell my story. But I nearly died twice.

“My husband Steve was told to prepare for the worst. He phoned my mum in tears saying it didn’t look like I would make it.”

She tested ­positive for Covid on July 10 before isolating at home for 10 days.

I was an anti-vaxxer, I was ­unvaccinated. Now I can honestly tell people Covid is real

Holly McGuire

After developing breathing problems, she was rushed to hospital, where she suffered double pneumonia and her lung collapsed.

After a fortnight in a coma she was given a tracheotomy due to breathing problems.

But she had thought the deadly disease wouldn’t hit her and had not had the vaccine.

Holly said: “I have a healthy diet, don’t party, hardly drink and don’t smoke. I thought, ‘This disease won’t affect me’.


“A lot of my friends were anti-vaxxers, campaigning against the jab, and I was listening to them, too.

“People were saying we won’t know for years if the jab is reliable and seeing news reports from back home I didn’t feel reassured by the UK Government.

“I thought there were so many reasons not to have it.

“I now regret that so much. I made so many excuses not to have it, but when I caught Covid it was dreadful, it hit me like a truck.


“Just get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

Doctors feared she could die while she was in a coma.

When Holly woke up, she had lost two and a half stone and needed intense physio to walk again.

She said: “I was in hospital for six weeks in total and I am so grateful to still be here.

“I’ve felt shattered ever since. Last weekend was the first time I’ve been out with my family.

“I was an anti-vaxxer but now I know I was wrong. I never thought I’d get Covid, but it can hit anyone.”

In May, Holly revealed that during the pandemic she had been offering FaceTime calls to horny men with a secret ‘covid fetish’.

Punters asked her to sneeze and cough on camera for up to 20 minutes, or even asked her to wear a face mask during their steamy calls.



The former Footballers’ Wives star said she had been an anti-vaxxer and had thought the virus would not hit herCredit: Rex Features
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