Glenys Kupfer: Meth addict mother with ‘squalid’ home sentenced

A meth-addicted mother-of-six left her home in ‘squalid’ conditions which included faeces scattered on the floor, a court has heard.

A meth addicted mother of six who neglected her four youngest children by leaving their home in “squalid” conditions with faeces on the floor has avoided jail time to continue on her “path to rehabilitation”.

Glenys Kupfer, 34, pleaded guilty to four counts of failing to provide adequate food, clothing and accommodation to a child.

She was charged for neglecting her four youngest children, aged eight, three, two and 12-months, in 2019.

SA Police attended Ms Kupfer’s Blair Athol home on March 1 and witnessed the “squalid” conditions.

The defendant was handed down a four month and one week jail sentence for her offending in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday.

But Magistrate Nicholas Alexandrides said there was good reason to suspend Ms Kupfer’s sentence on an 18-month good behaviour bond.

He noted the defendant had no prior convictions, demonstrated her commitment to rehabilitation, her offending did not impact her children’s development and that she had poor mental health at the time.

“The most important responsibility and duty of a parent is the care of ones children,” Magistrate Alexandrides said.

“A breach of that duty is regarded by reasonable members of our community as a serious failing because of the gravity of consequences both short and long term for the safety, welfare and development of the children.

“The neglect of children by those responsible for their care cannot be tolerated and will attract a significant response followed by punishment.

“The suspension of the sentence will permit you to continue with your rehabilitation efforts.”

Under the conditions of her bond, she will need to attend or participate in rehabilitation programs, cannot take any drugs unless prescribed and could be subject to random drug testing.

The court previously heard the woman was addicted to meth, struggling as a newly single parent and traumatised by the death of her brother which she witnessed.

The court heard there weren’t enough adequate bedding for the number of people residing at the “dishevelled and unkept” home and what was available was dirty.

There was also sparse rotting food located inside the fridge and faeces scattered on the floor in the lounge room, bathroom and kitchen, the court heard.

Hazards to children, like broken glass, were also located.

It was acknowledged by the prosecutor Scott Mesecke that the property was later in a “clean and tidy state” when police revisited her home on June 27.

At the time, Edward Stratton-Smith for the defence said his client had a “dramatic turnaround” and had not touched drugs.

He asked the magistrate to consider handing down a good behaviour bond so Ms Kupfer could continue on her “path to recovery or rehabilitation” which was best for her children.

Ms Kupfer last month took to social media to share her version of events, saying she was “not proud of this woman” but was no longer that person who let her children suffer “the horrors of addiction”.

She made no comment as she left the court on Monday.


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