‘Glowing’ UFO spotted floating in US sky for two days ‘100% proof of aliens watching us’

A ‘glowing’ UFO has been spotted over Maryland for two days as expert claims it is ‘100% proof that aliens are watching us.’

Footage of the bright white orb was submitted by an anonymous resident of the US state who spotted the unusual sight on their way home., two days in a row.

In the video is seen hovering above the trees, as the man says he doesn’t remember seeing it there before.

The anonymous eyewitness said: “Hovering above treetops. Emitting light, no sound. Not sure if revolving or if clouds were blowing by creating the illusion of revolving. I have a video.

“I take the same walk path several times a week. That night I saw something very different. I recorded some of it. It was not back the next night.”

Analysing the sighting on UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C. Waring claimed the UFO was the same as one spotted in Minnesota just days earlier.

He said: “Here we have a glowing white sphere that a man noticed when going for a walk to get some exercise.

“The UFO hovered over the treetops in the distance and almost seemed to be watching, observing them. This is the same UFO seen the next day at Stacy, Minnesota in an earlier post today.

“Absolutely amazing…this UFO is hanging around the area for over two days, but in two different states! Fantastic capture and cool he was with his family who also was eyewitnesses. 100% proof that aliens are watching us.”

The sighting in Minnesota was described by eye witness Stacy, who believed it was a satellite.

She said: “First observation seemed to be a satellite until I saw a satellite cross its path and then the satellite was blocked by cloud cover. Moved straight across the sky over my house northwest to northeast below the clouds then disappeared from view.

“Caught the last moments of my sighting on camera as it appeared to slow down. I ran around to the other side of my house to see it for just a moment before it vanished.”


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