God of War 5: Release Date, Plot, Characters, Gameplay and Everything Else


God of War games is one of the flagship titles like Uncharted and The Last of Us among others. However, the popularity of God of War even till this day has no bounds. The first installment of God of War was released back in 2005 and the creator of the award-winning and widely popular game is David Jaffe. As of now, there are eight God of War games around the world and the most recent installment of God of War released back in 2018.

God of War 5 Release Date

At the time of writing there hasn’t been an official confirmation about God of War 5 either from the makers or from the Santa Monica studio. Nevertheless, taking the COVID19 pandemic scenario into consideration and the fact that it took five years for the studio to develop God of War 4, the next release of any God of War game will be next year.

god of war 5
god of war 5

God of War 5 Characters

Everybody is familiar with the protagonist of God of War Kratos who is a powerful spartan warrior who wholeheartedly worships the Olympian Gods like Zeus, Poseidon among others.

God of War games has several characters from Greek Mythology like Artemis, Ares, Athena, and the king of the underworld Hades.

God of War 5 Storyline

Back in 2019, the makers of God of War released a snippet of what could be in the forthcoming titles. PlayStation games have kept their fingers crossed.

God of War 5 Gameplay

It seems that the God of War 5 Gameplay will be the same as its predecessor brutal hack and slash action with the third-person camera. The game will feature several ancient Greek weapons to make the game interesting.


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