GodKing June prepares for his moment of truth in Hip-Hop

The perception of rap music is usually that it represents violence, drugs, and other negative aspects of the human experience. The majority of society views it as being detrimental to younger generations. Despite these things contributing to rap stereotypes, the genre has had many positive impacts on society. It provides awareness of issues, inspires the young to succeed, and is an essential source of entertainment for some. Rap music positively impacts the youth because it facilitates understanding, encourages them to succeed, and provides entertainment.   

Hip-Hop music paints a panoramic view of people’s everyday struggles. Hip-Hop narrates real-life stories, including poverty, gang life, drug-infested street corners, hood love, and street dreams. Artists are simply misunderstood, even though mainstream America believes they’re advertising a self-destructive lifestyle. This is not intended as a promotion of these things, but instead to inform young people so that they won’t make the same mistakes.  

Entrepreneur/Major Recording artist GodKing June music career reflects the new breed of Hip-Hop artistry.  GodKing June music illuminates a bold, unapologetic, soulful, and upper echelon rap delivery, creating a separate lane of creativity in Hip-Hop. 

GodKing June’s music reflects his creative genius, lyrical prowess, gifted musical instincts, and mass appeal.    

GodKing June possesses ‘Championship DNA,’ and his blueprint includes ‘No Plan B.’ GodKing June’s music provides insight into the beautiful minds of Generation Z music artists. GodKing June understands that rap is 90% business and 10% music. GodKing June is a leader in the ‘New School of Hip-Hop.’    

GodKing June inked a monetization joint venture with RADIOPUSHERS in 2021.  RADIOPUSHERS is a global leader in music monetization and digital branding.    

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