Gogglebox stars ‘appalled’ at Scots comedian Dazza’s deep fried menu on Come dine With Me

Gogglebox stars were left gobsmacked after they were shown Scots comedian Dazza participating on last week’s episode of Come Dine With Me.

Darren Dowling is best known for his hit show ‘Does It Fry?’ whipped up a three-course meal showcase made up deep fried food for the Channel 4 show.

To start, funnyman Darren served up, ‘Chicken à la Nuggets’ (homemade nuggets of chicken), deep fried in a crispy signature batter, served with deep-fried caviar.

For the main course, he treated his guests to ‘Lasagne di Fritte’ which is home-baked layers of egg pasta, beef ragu, and creamy sauce, all encased and deep-fried in a signature batter, served on a bed of crispy lettuce.

Rounding off the dinner party, the Scotsman whipped up a deep fried Mars Bar dubbed ‘Scotland’s Finest’ on his menu, which was served with ice-cream.

Reacting to his planned menu, the Gogglebox cast had mixed reviews.

Jenny said: “I would like his food – anything deep fat fried!”

Darren served up deep-fried lasagna
(Image: C4 Screengrab)

Peter Sandiford said: “I mean, you know if you can’t beat them…give them a heart attack!”

And his sister Sophie added: “Exactly, kill the competition!”

Many of the Goggleboxers were confused as to how Darren would actually manage to deep fry lasagna without it falling apart.

Ellie said: “I reckon I would like deep fat fried lasagna.”

Peter pretended to call an ambulance
(Image: C4 Screengrab)

But Gogglebox stars were appalled when he dumped a slice of lasagna in the deep fat fryer, Lee and Jenny even gasped.

Lee said: “Oh my god! Look at that! What a mess”

The deep fried lasagna
(Image: C4 Screengrab)

Jenny replied: “Oh but I bet it tastes nice Lee.”

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Lee put his head in his hands when he seen that Darren had also deep fried the accompanying lettuce.

Lee and Jenny couldn’t believe Darren also deep fried the lettuce.
(Image: C4 Screengrab)

Oh he’s deep fried the f****** lettuce!”

And Peter joked: “Can we get five ambulances please, for dessert?”

Scots are known for their love of deep fried products including pizza crunch and Mars Bars and over on his Instagram, Dazza shared a video of Scots singer Amy Macdonald as she also watched Gogglebox.

Amy commented on how it’s a very typically Scottish dish and she’s not sure why.

“I’m just watching Gogglebox and there’s a Scottish guy and he’s serving deep fried lasagna, and it just reminded me that this is a Scottish stereotype that I hate so much because I very rarely eat things that are deep fried and I don’t really know anybody else that does either.”


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