Gold Coast influencer Chloe Szepanowski seen without mask again

Gold Coast influencer Chloe Szepanowski has been accused of flouting restrictions again after being seen in a hairdressing salon without a mask.

Gold Coast influencer Chloe Szepanowski has been accused of flouting health restrictions again after a photo of her without a mask in a hairdressing salon appeared on social media.

The 22-year-old has previously apologised after being widely criticised for going shopping in Big W without a mandatory face mask.

Now a photo of the wellness advocate was shared on Wednesday by boyfriend Mitchell Orval in which she appears to be breaking the Covid rule again.

In the snap, Chloe can be seen holding their son Arti while he has his first hair cut. She has no mask on.

Queensland Health Department states masks are mandatory indoors until 4pm on Friday, September 10 in 11 Local Government Areas in South East Queensland, including the Gold Coast.

The photo quickly drew criticism, being shared by @aussieinfluenceropinions who claimed the pair were “not learning by our mistakes I see”.

Many agreed, saying the apparent maskless act was a sign Chloe’s apology was “disingenuous”.

“Literally why would she even acknowledge in the first place that you made a mistake by not wearing one, and then continue to not wear one,” a user questioned.

“In Mitch’s post you can literally see the barber is working in a mask. I can’t believe the level of selfishness Chloe has sitting there unmasked,” one raged.

“It’s 2021 the only apology we accept is changed behaviour,” another added.

Mitch has since deleted the post with social media users claiming he is “blocking people for just liking comments about him not wearing a mask”.

However, a separate photo shared by Mitch that shows him sitting outside what appears to be a restaurant or cafe on Father’s Day has been flooded with angry comments, many stating they are “shattered” by how the pair are behaving.

“Mask mandates are in place for a reason … why are you exempt?” one asked.

“Whoops y’all left your masks at home AGAIN,” another added.

“Still no mask. Will you guys ever learn?” someone else mused.

As one wrote: “I’m actually shattered with how you both are taking this whole covid situation like it’s some big joke since it all started.”

Others branded the apparent mask flouting as “gross”, stating “it’s not hard” to do.

It comes less than two weeks after Chloe issued a statement about her “mistake publicly not wearing a mask”.

“Where I live, I am lucky enough to have more freedoms than other places & for this I am grateful,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

“I never want to come across as abusing those rights. It was my mistake for publicly not wearing a mask and I take ownership of that mistake.”

She also stressed that she is she is “not anti or pro anything”, but believes in “choice”, “science” and “complementary modalities & western medicine as it saves lives – they are supportive to each other”.

Backlash to her maskless shopping trip had been harsh with TikTok being flooded with videos from fans stating they would be unfollowing her.

However, Chloe seemed unfazed by the fallout, telling the Outspoken podcast in a statement she was “losing followers by the day and I literally am waving them goodbye. The more alignment for me, the better. Only up from here.”

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