Goldberg Drops John Cena Match Bombshell

Two names that are well known and either loved or hated in the world of pro-wrestling are Goldberg and John Cena. However, we are starting to see a shift from fans that once hated Cena into liking him and fans that once hated Goldberg now disliking him and getting tired of the same old stuff. What if we take all of these shifts and get a match between these two? Surely, Goldberg and Cena have done it all, so this may only sense. Is it possible?

Goldberg has a long list of stars that he wants to have a match with. While Goldberg has gone up and down the ranks and has (sadly) injured a few on the way up, there’s still some that he needs a match with before all is said and done for this man.

While speaking to DAZN, Goldberg named Cena as one of the WWE Superstars he would like to have a match with after SummerSlam.

Goldberg stated the following: “[John] Cena, that’s always been a dream [match]. Never been in the ring with him. We’re two completely different characters. Hey, you never know. You never know.” With John Cena now back and Goldberg back, we will see if this does happen.

Special thanks to SportSkeeda for the transcription.

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