Golden retriever devours cheese ‘like a wolf’ after owner promised one bite

A cheeky golden retriever has gone viral after woofing down a slice of cheese – despite being offered just a bite.

The amusing TikTok clip sees the pup’s owner present her with the slice and tell the dog she can take a tiny bite.

She even demonstrates how much before offering out the cheese to the canine – a mistake she’s unlikely to make again.

It soon vanishes as the greedy goldie gobbles up the entire slice, much to her owner’s dismay.

She even makes a last ditch attempt to pull the food back, by which time it’s already far too late.

The adorable pooch looks all innocent after completing the cheese theft and has had the internet chuckling.

The dog was captivated by the cheese as soon as she saw it

The hilarious clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @itsjazzymf, was a smash hit on the video sharing platform, with over two million views and over 330,000 likes.

Most dog owners will know that dogs are often guilty of taking small liberties when their owner gives them instructions.

Viewers were clearly amused by the video, with one commenting: “I can’t stop laughing. That dog is so earnest! He’s like ‘ok…am I doing it right’.”

Another commenter wrote: “Clearly this was the fault of the cheese!”

The golden retriever ate the entire slice instead
The golden retriever ate the entire slice instead

A third added: “I love how you thought about trying to take it back for a second.”

She’s not the only golden retriever whose antics have made the news of late,.

Phoenix, better known as PhiPhi, is a nosey goldie who lives in Australia who just couldn’t stop spying on her neighbour – a Samoyed, called Bentley.

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In a video posted to the TikTok account @phiphi_goldenretriever, PhiPhi smiles at her owner before returning to look through her fence hole, with the overlaying text that reads: “I love spying on my bestie next door.”

She can often be found sitting in her yard in Melbourne, Australia, looking through the hole to see what her neighbour is up to.

One follower even joked the spy dog could be the next James Bond, writing: “I can’t wait to see more of James Bond the dog, haha #spydog.”

And in China and goldie called MaoMao loves having conversations with her owner.

Her owner, who is known online as Uncle You, shared footage which went viral for her daily routine of “talking” to her owner when he returns home from work.

MaoMao the pooch loves having conversations with her owner, who is known online as Uncle You
MaoMao the pooch loves having conversations with her owner, who is known online as Uncle You

“She will do the ‘talking squeal’ every time when she needs you for something – whether it’s food, petting or a walk outside,” the owner explained.

“She’s been with me long enough that I can understand what she wants every time she makes a sound.”

In one clip, Mr You returns home to find MaoMao patiently waiting for him on the sofa.

She looks at him and squeals like a baby while wiggling her body.


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