Goldfish ‘kept alive by syringe’ during miracle eye surgery to stop it going blind

Vets in Scotland have performed a miraculous surgery on a pet goldfish, removing a massive tumour from its eye to prevent it from going blind.

Caroline McHugh, a 35-year-old veterinary nurse, began to become concerned when 12-year-old Dotty the goldfish developed a red growth on her left eye.

After an hour of incredibly intricate surgery, the tumour was removed and Dotty was saved, reports the Daily Record.

Caroline took Dotty to the veterinary surgery where she works earlier this month, where it was decided that the fish needed surgery. Anaesthetic powder was added to her tank to knock her out, and then the vets got to work.

The 12-year-old fish made a full recovery after three days

They kept Dotty’s gills wet by squirting her with water loaded into a syringe.

Amazingly, just three days after the surgery Dotty made a full recovery.

It was the first time any fish had undergone that kind of operation at McDonald Vets in Glasgow.

Vet Lee Shrigley said: “The biggest challenge was getting Dotty to sleep, but once she was the surgery went very smoothly.

Goldfish 'kept alive by syringe' during miracle eye surgery to stop it going blind
The smallest tools that the veterinary surgery had were used

“We added an anaesthetic powder to Dotty’s tank to make her sleepy, before laying her on a table and periodically soaking her gills to keep her hydrated.

“The tumour itself was fairly big, so we used the smallest kit that we have to cut around the eye and tie off the blood vessels.

“The tumour was pulling on Dotty’s optic nerve and would have been uncomfortable for her.

Goldfish 'kept alive by syringe' during miracle eye surgery to stop it going blind
Dotty’s owner, Caroline, is a veterinary nurse

“We had to be careful not to pull on it any more as it could have caused her to go blind in her other eye.

“We put her back in her own tank water after the operation and she woke up within five minutes.

“Three days after the operation, she was back to eating and causing trouble in her aquarium.”

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