‘Good Morning America’ Host Reveals Lengthy Morning Run Routine

When Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach is not busy reporting for ABC News, the journalist loves running and is now training for the Berlin Marathon. After covering the Summer Olympics in Tokyo for ABC News, Robach returned to New York City and resumed her training as soon as she could. Robach, a breast cancer survivor, has called running her “therapy, my meditation, my escape” for 25 years.

Back on Aug. 10, Robach, 48, shared photos of herself running with her friend Nikki. She was supposed to do 16 miles that morning but instead did 12 miles around Manhattan. “Back home and getting back in my stride – was supposed to run 16 this morning – but amended our training sked because jet lag is REAL – and we did a 12 miler instead and gotta say it felt pretty darn good!!” she wrote. “LOVED being back on the #nyc streets with my girl [Nikki] and loved running in weather that was not Tokyo HOT.”

In the days since then, Robach has kept her followers up to date on her training. On Wednesday, she shared a clip of herself running with her husband, actor Andrew Shue. It was another tough day on the run though. She hoped to do nine miles, but could only complete seven. “Not gonna lie today was a STRUGGLE – training said to do 9 miles – my body stopped at 7 miles – so much emotion in me with my oldest moving out in a week for college, fatigue from my travels and early mornings at work – had a little cry during the run and I always feel better after a little release like that – physical movement even when it’s uncomfortable can so often push out that pent up stress,” she wrote. “Not saying it’s fun, but I DO feel better now.”

Robach has discussed the importance of running in recent years. In 2019, she marked the sixth anniversary of her breast cancer diagnosis by running the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon. “When I found out that race day falls the same week as my 6-year cancer-versary, it just felt right,” Robach told PEOPLE at the time. The year before she ran the marathon, Robach took on an even taller challenge. She climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to mark five years since she was diagnosed with cancer.

More recently, Robach celebrated Global Running Day on June 2 by taking part in a live run during a GMA broadcast. She also published an essay for GMA, calling running, “my therapy, my meditation, my escape for the past 25 years.” She wrote that she runs to “explore new paths,” adding, “I run because I want to feel alive, and sometimes I run because I need to sweat out fear, sadness, frustration or anger.”

Robach also provided some advice for those interested in starting running. She suggested setting “easily attainable goals” first, investing in the best running shoes, and even building a great playlist of your favorite songs. Robach also suggested finding areas where you live that you always wanted to explore. “Be a tourist in your own town while running. You won’t even believe how fast the run goes when you can do this and it doesn’t even feel like exercise,” Robach wrote. “I’ve found waterfalls I never knew existed in Central Park and it’s my favorite way to see a new place I visit, just start running.”

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