Good Morning Britain hit with Ofcom complaints over Alastair Campbell’s Boris rant

A recent episode of Good Morning Britain has received over 60 complaints to Ofcom as people perceived presenter Alastair Campbell was being “biased” against the government.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson once again evaded being interviewed on GMB as he managed to dodge reporter Ranvir Singh.

It has been over four years, since the Prime Minister had appeared on the ITV programme as the episode on October 5 showed Ranvir was unable to stop the PM and speak to him.

Good Morning Britain has received over 60 complaints to Ofcom as people perceived presenter Alastair Campbell was being “biased” against the government.

The ITV show aired a clip of Johnson walking through the conference while flagged by aides as Ranvir called out: “Prime Minister!”

Johnson glanced over and put his hand up as she said: “Good Morning Britain would like to have you on the show!”

She then informed him of how long it had been since his last appearance but he kept walking.

The moment led to guest host Alastair stunning his co-presenter Susanna Reid, as he shouted out that the PM was “a coward”.

He said on the show: “1,563 days. I mean look, you’re not allowed to use the c-word on this programme but the guy is a coward. And he is a charlatan.”

Susanna appeared taken aback, before he asked her if she agreed that Johnson was “a coward”.

She replied: “Well, it would be lovely to have him on the programme this morning. That’s what I’ll say.

“A warm invitation to you Prime Minister, I’m sure you’re watching this morning. We’d very much like to talk to you.”

While the remarks definitely divided the viewers tuning in at home, many were concerned that the presenter was being “biased”.

It has now been revealed that 66 of these viewers took to the Office of Communications, which is the UK’s broadcasting, telecommunications and postal regulatory body, to complain about the episode for this very reason.

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A new report released on Wednesday October 13 revealed a figure of 66 complaints were made, with complainants believing presenter Alastair had made comments that were biased against the government.

At the time, viewers took to Twitter over the issue with one writing: “I like Alastair Campbell but his political bias toward his previous employers is ridiculous.”

Another agreed: “I won’t agree with everything @BorisJohnson does or says but to publicly humiliation calling him a coward is just damn right disgusting, surely a journalist/reporter/broadcaster should be neutral #GMB.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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