Google accused of advertising ‘LUV’ sexual assault game

They’re not LUVin’ it.

Google is being accused of advertising a perverse phone game to children, in which players are encouraged to remove a woman’s clothes while she is sleeping. The creepy video game, entitled “LUV,” has since disappeared from the Google Play Store, but a TikTok video documenting their alleged dirty laundry currently boasts over 250k views.

“Hey google, why is this in your play store?” reads the caption to the incriminating clip, which was uploaded Saturday by user Michael McWhorter, who learned about “LUV” from a TikTok video on a now-deleted account. The Florida filmmaker decided to put out his own PSA over concerns that the sexually suggestive simulation was being marketed to his son.

Advertisements for the mature-rated game have popped up on other kid-friendly games available in the “free to play” section on the Google App Store, Metro reported.

Ads for the pornographic simulation had been popping up on other games in the “free to play” section on Google Play.

McWhorter plays a clip of the interactive simulation, in which players control a male character who is asked whether he should help his sleeping step sister “undress” or not “disturb” her. Upon selecting the former option, the screen reverts to a POV format, in which the player uses a hand-shaped cursor to select garments for removal.

The goal of the game appears to be taking off as many of the step-sibling’s clothes as possible without waking her.

Although if you do rouse her, it’s apparently no big deal: in this event, the stepsister gazes seductively into the camera while biting her lower lip.

“The goal is to get her naked without waking her, but the message is, if you do wake her, don’t worry, she’s into it,” raged McWhorter. “Google, how the f–k is this game available in your app store?”

The appalled parent added, “What do you think this teaches young preteen boys about how women should be valued and treated?”

The TikTok peanut gallery seemed to overwhelmingly share his sentiment.

“@google Fix. This. NOW,” fumed one incensed commenter of the TikTok-evoking phenomenon.

“This is crazy….how are we supposed to keep these kids safe??” wondered another.

The goal of LUV is to remove your "stepsister's" clothes without waking her - although if you do, it's not a problem because she's apparently into it, per the TikTok clip.
The goal of “LUV” is to remove your “stepsister’s” clothes without waking her – although if you do, it’s not a problem because she’s apparently into it, per the TikTok clip.

“LUV’s” existence is perhaps particularly jarring given Google’s Inappropriate Content policy, which prohibits “apps that contain or promote sexual content or profanity, including pornography, or any content or services intended to be sexually gratifying.”

We don’t allow apps or app content that appear to promote a sexual act in exchange for compensation,” it adds. “Content that contains nudity may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic, and is not gratuitous.”

Despite this apparently ironclad guideline, a cursory search on Google Play yields pages of blatantly pornographic pixelated pursuits.


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