Google Earth mystery as huge 150ft ‘SOS stranded’ sign spotted in remote desert

A Google Earth conspiracist has shared a strange image that displayed a distress signal in a remote desert.

Truth seeker Mr MBB333 posted the location on his YouTube channel and estimated the message was about 150ft wide.

From the video he shared on September 1, a huge “SOS STRANDED” sign is visible from the sky.

The YouTube vlogger says: “We are going over to southern Jordan, norther of Saudi Arabia, east of Egypt, south of Israel, out in a remote desert.

“The configuration of letters can only be seen from the sky – by an airplane, a satellite or clear up from space – and again, whoever did this, used English alphabets over there in southern Jordan.

The YouTuber vlogger was given a location code where the distress call sign was found

He measures the size of the area and finds out the word “STRANDED” is about 150 feet long with the letter “S” measuring 27 feet tall and the “SOS” configuration is just over 50ft long.

“I think this goes back to, at least the imagery that I can found, 2019 and I don’t know any other details,” he continues.

“If we go down a little bit more, we can see two more letters that appear to spell ‘NO’. You can see tracks in this location but I don’t know how to identify these tracks.”

The tracks are scattered all over the place so the Google Earth user is unable to confirm if it was a road in the desert.

The discovery has sparked interest from thousands of viewers.

The sign spread about 150ft long across the desert in Jordan
The sign spread about 150ft long across the desert in Jordan

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One said: “Has anyone reported it to authorities? They could still be there. I would love to know if they are okay.”

Another commented: “Damn. It’s stories like this that really help to remind me that nothing in life is certain, don’t take anything for granted.”

But some suggested the message could be left by soldiers during their military missions in the desert.

“The SOS is really bothersome. Makes me curious as if it can be US soldiers left behind from back then or from a military incident etc,” a fan wrote.

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